Small Groups - doing life together

At Riverside we want everyone to do well in every area of their lives. Being part of a small group helps us do life with other people and to explore faith together. They meet across the week and in a variety of locations.

How to find a small group.

Take a look at the groups below, pick out 2/3 that meet close to your home/work/school, at a convenient time.  Try them out and find one that works for you.  If you need help, fill out the small groups connection card to your right.

Below is a list of all our Small Groups which are divided into two categories:

Home Groups:  These groups will have a varied diet of activities from discussions and looking at the Bible to outreach and social times.  The main emphasis of these groups are relational and pastoral.
Focus Groups:   Focus Groups are centred on a specific activity, for example 'Prayer Groups' or 'Circuit Training' - something you can do alongside other people with similar interests.  

We encourage everyone in the Church to be part of a Small Group.

Small Groups connection card

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