Everyday Prayer

“A changed world begins with us…. and a changed us begins when we pray”                                                                                                                 (Eugene Peterson)
As a church, our dream is of communities being transformed & restored. This happens as lives are transformed, including our own. Prayer is vital if we want to see the change that we dream of.  Over recent months, we’ve sensed an invitation from the Lord for us to press afresh into prayer so in June & July, we’re going to run something that we’re calling Everyday Prayer.

We’d love everyone to be a part of this. Here are some ways that you can be fully involved:

Sunday teaching Starting on 4th June, a teaching series exploring different aspects of a healthy Everyday Prayer life, through the Lord’s prayer. To get maximum benefit, join us each week for the whole series.

Pentecost Prayer - Sunday 4th June, 6pm – join us for a fantastic evening of prayer and worship and as it’s Pentecost Sunday we’ll be making space for lots of different languages & accents!  (Read Acts 2: 1-11 if you don’t know the story). If you’d be up for leading a minute of prayer for your nation in your language, email heather@riversidevineyard.com All welcome!

Small groups We’re making special materials (video & discussion notes) available to small groups. If you’re not currently in a small group, fill out the connection form on the right to join one for at least the Everyday Prayer series. To join an existing small group visit our small group page.  If you could HOST a new 6 week prayer group sign up here.

Encounter Prayer To celebrate this season of Everyday Prayer, let’s join together to worship & pray on Sunday 23rd July at 6PM. All welcome.

Join an Everyday Prayer Small Group:

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