Pre-reception and Reception


What's Happening This Term and How You Can Take Part


Below is the teaching plan for pre-reception and reception children on a Sunday morning. 

We are using Scripture Union's Light Curriculum for this age group. 

If it is Riverside Material - you will notice closer to the time that you can click on it and access ideas for connecting with what we chatted about that morning and what you can do during the week.





















Resources and tools:

Children Hearing God

Children and Worship

Date          Team                 Subject                          Bubbles Book

7 Jan           Week 1         A man at work                   p12

14 Jan       Week 2           A woman in need               p17

21 Jan        Week 3          Worship                             Riverside Material

28 Jan        Week 4           A rich youngman               p22

4 Feb          Week 1            Light to live by                 p27

11 Feb        Week 2            Isaac is born                    p34

18 Feb        Week 3            Isaac and Rebekah         p39

25 Feb        Week 4            Jacob and Esau               p44

4 Mar          Week 1            God Speaks to Jacob       p51

11 Mar         Week 2            Mothers Day                    Riverside Material

18 Mar         Week 3            Jacob's family                   p56

25 Mar          Week 4            Jacob goes home            p61

1 April           Week 1             Easter Sunday                Riverside Material