Pre-reception and Reception


What's Happening This Term and How You Can Take Part


Below is the teaching plan for pre-reception and reception children on a Sunday morning. 

We are using Scripture Union's Light Curriculum for this age group. 

If it is Riverside Material - you will notice closer to the time that you can click on it and access ideas for connecting with what we chatted about that morning and what you can do during the week.





















Resources and tools:

Children Hearing God

Children and Worship

Date          Team                 Subject                          Bubbles Book

8 April        Week 2         Jesus Helps                               p12

15 April      Week 3         Jesus Feeds                              p17

22 April      Week 4         Jesus Protects                          p22

29 April      Week 1        Jesus gives Life                          p27

6 May        Week 1         Jesus goes up to Heaven          p34

13 May      Week 2         Weekend of Prayer                   Riverside Materials


20 May      Week 3         Commitment Sunday                 Riverside Materials 

27 May      Week 4         Wind and Fire                            p39

3 June       Week 1         Walking, Leaping and Praising   p44

10 June       Week 2         Talking about Jesus                    p49

17 June     Week 3         Joshua leads the way                 p56

24 June     Week 4          Joshua makes plans                  p61

1 July        Week 1          Celebration Sunday                   Riverside Material

8 July        Week 2         Over the river                             p66

15 July      Week 3          The Walls of Jericho                  p71

22 July      Week 4         I can chat for others                Connected Hearts

29 July      Week 2

5 August    Week