Another day of Prayer and Fasting and Worship Celebration!

It's been a while since I've had a chance to properly communicate out, but I thought it important to update you on a few events coming up that I consider very important to anyone involved in worship.

I understand that it is very difficult to make it to the very many things going on at church and life in our present busy world. This makes it even more critical to decide our priorities and get along to events or meetings that reflect them.

It's my hope that those involved in areas of worship leadership (which includes band members, video and sound teams) would find events like those below important too.

DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING - This Friday (26 Sep) @ 8pm

As you hopefully know from previous emails or notices, this week has been our Week of Prayer every evening between 8 and 10pm. Perhaps you've made it to one or two of the evenings. If you haven't (or even if you have), please consider joining us at least for the Prayer & Fasting evening tomorrow (Friday 26th Sep) from 8 to 10pm.
We are anticipating a good turnout from our church community and we'll have fasted throughout the day. When we fast together to turn out attention to what God may be saying to us personally and as a community, it is a powerful thing! Please join in this if at all possible.

WORSHIP CELEBRATION - This Sunday (28 Sep) @ 6pm
The culmination of our Week of Prayer will be the Worship Celebration on Sunday evening at 6pm. I know as someone involved in worship in some capacity that this is something you'll be drawn to and I hope you will participate in.
Please strongly consider coming out at 5pm to join myself and the team to pray and chat briefly over pizza ahead of the Worship Celebration. If there are things God has been putting on your heart or things you want to ask about or comment on, this is the place.

GREAT BIG GOD 5 ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY - Friday 3 Oct @ 6.30pm
The 5th release of childrens worship albums is going to be a lot of fun for children (and probably adults too!). We're always keen to have team to help make these kind of events happen well and offer the Riverside Vineyard welcome to our guests and to Vineyard Records. Book here for children to attend or get in touch if you'd like to help make this event great!

NATIONAL VINEYARD WORSHIP RETREAT - 17-19 Oct - The Hayes, Derbyshire
Every year worship people from Vineyard churches around the country get together to worship and hang out together. This year John & Marie Barnett are guest speakers.
If you'd like to join in at this retreat, go here for more info or to book.

Equally feel free to drop me an email anytime to chat, ask anything or see if we can grab a coffee.

Thanks very much for your involvement in worship and hope to see you soon.

Posted on September 25, 2014 .