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The point of the five days is to journey together. We meet together because of Jesus. We want to know him more and live out lives that speak loudly of his love and compassion. 

None of us are at our destination with God, we’re all continuing with him, desperate to know more of his grace, presence and call on our lives. At the heart of Momentum is a desire to worship God, hear from his word and pray for each other.


Momentum is the older sibling to Soul Survivor - so the worship, teaching and ministry all feels pretty similar, but at Momentum we want to tackle the big issues that fill our lives as students or twenty/thirty somethings. This is space to help us all work out what it means to be living for Jesus in our universities and workplaces (and anywhere else we find ourselves).  You’ll find loads of seminars over the five days that cover everything from handling money to sex & relationships; working out God’s calling on your life, to dealing with stuff when it doesn't go how you'd planned.

What we want to do at Momentum, is invite God again into the busyness and mess of our lives; to wrestle with the big and small issues, to be challenged and inspired and to take time and space to hang out with Him and with each other.

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