Henrietta shares the story of her eyes being healed.

Celebration Sunday 2017


Stories of Riverside 2017

Feedback from our Youth Pastor on what the youth did on Sunday

Our Evening Service Pitch...

Some inspirational stories ... 

Meeting Place provides English language classes to those that don't have English as their first language. In a relaxed environment, there is an opportunity for people to engage in English conversation, to learn, and to receive help with particular challenges, for example, completion of forms. 

Storehouse  is one of our primary community outreach programs.
We provide children's clothes, toys and equipment to families in need, and emergency food packages to help when times are tough. All of this is provided free of charge to those in need of help.

Celebration Sunday video 2013

Celebration Sunday 2012 - Video of events from the past year

Two Healing stories

Healing Testimony - Anne's story

Injured by a robber escaping a crime scene, Anne tells her story of physical, but more importantly emotional healing.


Some fun footage from the archive