Pirates on a Quest


Some Pirate Language you might need!!!

ARR! - An exclamation

AYE - yes

BOOTY - treasure

CODE OF CONDUCT - set of rules about pirate behaviour

HO - express surprise or joy, to attract attention, or to urge onwards



Dynamite Holiday Club 2017!

13th April 9:30am-12 pm


Time line for the morning:

12th April - pm - Set up for Holiday Club (decorations, stage props, tables, and all bits in pieces in place


13th April

8:30 - team arrive and begin to find places, sign in, set up their bits, make sure they're ready

8:55 - safeguarding/first aid chat

9:05 - prayer

9:10 - to stations ready to receive children

9:15 - ready to start registering

9:30 - construction project - building boats (we have a beautiful set of boxes ready for each set of kids to decorate)!

9:50 - up front time - story, songs, game

10:20 - team activities - going around to games, crafts, refreshments

(20 minutes for each station)

11:40 - wrap up - all together (parents in to join for last 10 minutes)

11:55 - begin to send back with parents - Colleen to walk this through from stage

12:00 - Set Down (everything is going into the F12, across from Ignite room - where it will be sorted and put away later)

What's happening with various areas

(please do think creatively though and feel free to come up with your own ideas)

Holiday Club Team:

Some of you will be in more than once - so that you are not bored for the rest of the morning.


Team chart 3.png